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With the long history of crafting and carving, Nepalese crafters have kissed the summit of crafting. Even before starting of 17th Nepalese wood craft was popular. The magnificent wooden decors and frame that we can see throughout Nepal  is the graceful artwork of ancestor. You may have admired if you've ever visited the cities of Nepal where thousands of splendid statue seems as if they can talk with you. The modern form of art and craft is the outcome of craft tradition that has been following by generation to generation.
Tradition represents the transmission of customs from generation to generation and Craft tradition has profound modern stage through the contribution of generation on artwork. With the diversity of culture indigenous communities have their own crafting tradition. Following the tradition Nepal has gathered master experience on wood carving and sculpting statues.
So we must nurture creativity at an early age, and teach arts an crafts in accordance with our traditional culture, and as subjects in school on a par with academia. a pupil who is not good at maths or science might excel in the creative arts. It would be neglectful not to cater for such a student, and respect his or her talent.
The same applies to music and drama and other creative subjects.